Videos about good agricultural practices

In the framework of the SFE-CICA project “Characterization of agricultural practices and the use and management of agrochemicals in pineapple cultivation, for the implementation of good agricultural practices” (2015-2018), the following videos were produced in order to promote the implementation of good agricultural practices (GAP).
(The next all videos are only in spanish)
1) What are good agricultural practices? (From the perspective of small and medium pineapple producers in the northern part of Costa Rica).

2) What are good agricultural practices for?

3) Proper storage of pesticides

4) Requirements for agrochemical warehouses

5) How do you read a pesticide label?

6) What are good agricultural practices? (According to literature on the subject).

7) Erosion control in pineapple cultivation

Thanks to:
Pineapple producers in the northern zone of Costa Rica: Mr. Donald González, Mr. Dagoberto González, Mr. Franklin Murillo, Mrs. Hellen Madrigal and Mr. Wilberth Gómez.

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