Ecotoxicology Laboratory


  • Determination of the quality of water bodies from the biological point of view by means of the study of benthic macroinvertebrates with the BMWP-CR index, according to the regulation 33903-MINAE-S.

  • Xenobiotic toxicity research. Determination of LC50 / LD50 in crustacean, algae, fish, and others.

  • Plant toxicity tests.

  • Research with biomarkers. Determination of physiological changes in fish and crustacean exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of xenobiotics.

  • Determination of the microbiological quality of surface water, wastewater and drinking-water.

  • Training on analysis of contaminants and pesticide use, and the water resources management in relation to human health.

telefonov (506) 2511 8206

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