What we do



Our main research lines are:

  • Water quality.
  • Air quality.
  • Monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint inventories.
  • Behavior in the environment of contaminants such as pesticides, metals and organic pollutants and emerging pollutants.
  • Bioremediation.




CICA has developed numerous projects where social action has meant the link with society and the different actors of research and projects

You can see this legacy in our  camaraazulSocial Action Gallery  where we have documented some training courses aimed at the public and private sector.

isocioambiental telefonov (506) 2511 8216
correo accionsocial.cica@ucr.ac.cr



Part of our staff offers their knowledge and experience to the students of the University of Costa Rica in several academic units:

  • Agronomy
  • Microbiology
  • Chemistry


Socio-Environmental research


The experience in the development of research on environmental pollution – developed by the CICA – has demonstrated that it is necessary to systematically study the social context in which they are developed to enhance their impact on society. That is why the Social-Environmental Research Unit has been created in which actions such as the following are implemented:

  • Organization and facilitation of training programs for farmers and their families.
  • Development and application of social tools for information gathering.
  • Analysis of information concerning the processes developed in the communities.
  • Development of systematization of experiences.


isocioambiental telefonov (506) 2511 8209
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correo carolina.zunigazamora@ucr.ac.cr

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